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David Alun Jones

David Alun Jones

I was born in England but aged eight my family returned to North Wales. As an English speaker, my immersion into the entirely Welsh world of the local primary school was a revelation and brought about a lifelong fascination with language.

I became a freelance translator in 1993 after in-house experience with the Reuters on-line financial news service.

Since then I have gathered a wealth of experience in the translation industry and undertaken translation projects covering a wide range of subjects.

I have a BA Hons. Degree in Spanish and Politics, Postgraduate Diploma in Technical and Specialised Translation and I am a full Member of the UK's professional association, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

I have been a speaker at ITI Scottish Network seminars and offered mentoring and assistance to new translators.

I live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland and I'm married with two children.



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