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I translate text from Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese into English.
I have offered professional translation services on a full-time, freelance basis since 1993. Before that I was an in-house translator with Reuters. Over the years I have translated texts on a myriad of subjects, from insurance contracts to video games, from engineering to advertising and from banking to blogs.

In recent years I have specialised in sports translation, working for international sports federations including FIFA and UEFA (football), UCI (cycling), IBAF (baseball) and the International Olympic Committee.

Experience really counts in translation. The skill to translate a difficult technical or specialist text is not one that can be gained overnight – you need years of study, application and practice.
Translation should only be conducted into the translator’s native language – I only translate into English. Although some people have an excellent knowledge of two languages, genuine bilingual ability is actually quite rare. You should always insist on translation by a native speaker.
If the text you need translated is not in one of my working languages, I may be able to arrange for translation by a trusted colleague. Over the years I have built up good working relationships with many like-minded translators who offer a wide range of language combinations. Just contact me with your requirements and I will do my best to help.
I do not offer interpreting (i.e. spoken translation at conferences, meetings, etc.) – this is a completely different skill.


You can email me the text to be translated in a wide range of formats including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, pdf or as a scan or photo. You can even post the text to me on a data stick or as hard copy.


It may be necessary to query some of the terminology of the text. Communication between the translator and client is often essential to produce an appropriate, accurate translation. Once the translation is under way, I may contact you to resolve any difficulties with the text.


Delivery is usually made as a Microsoft Word or pdf file attached to an e-mail but alternative delivery methods can also be arranged. I can post out certified hard copies at no extra cost if required.


Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, Paypal or cheque. Click here for more information on payment.

Code of Professional Conduct

I abide by the Code of Professional Conduct of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). Click here for a pdf version.

More information

If you need more information on buying translation, click here to download a pdf version of the ITI's excellent guide: Translation - Getting It Right. A guide to buying translation".


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