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"I would like to offer you sincere thanks, on my own behalf and that of the UCI, for the very high quality of your work, which has been very much appreciated."
"Your work is lengendarily clean and clear."
"Your work is always outstanding."
UCI [world governing body of cycling], Switzerland

"My compliments to David for the amazing job he did. He really helped me find all the little errors and inconsistences that my reviewers and I could not find in the original text despite our efforts. I really like the English translation too. My ebook sounds better in English than in Italian."
Andrea Forni, CFTe, FRN Trading Strategies
Author of Robots – The New Era

"The proofreader commented on what a great job you have done (and how they were glad that they hadn't had to translate this one!)."
De Pinna Notaries, London.

"I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on this project, it makes our lives as project managers so much easier when dealing with top quality translations!"
Global Connects, Glasgow.

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent translation you provided to us. I appreciate that you translated the acronyms appropriately and reproduced the tables faultlessly. This is exactly what we want and do not always get, so thank you very much"
Aplomb Translations, London.


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