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Want a quote? Just send me an email with the document you want translated as an attachment and I will quickly provide you with a fixed price for translation and a delivery time - all with no obligation.
If your document is only available as a hard copy, you can scan it or take a good photo and then email this to me. Alternatively, send me a photocopy by post.

Extra services

Certification of translation
I can provide a translator's statement of "true and faithful translation" free of charge (certified translations are printed and sent by post).

Notarisation by a lawyer
This is sometimes required for legal cases, formal registrations, etc. Additional charge: 85 GB pounds / 95 euros including postage of hard copy.

Extra charges may be applied for urgency, extreme technicality, poor legibility and complex formatting.

Value-Added Tax is applicable to all translations for the UK at the rate of 20%. This tax also applies to translations for European Union clients, unless you are registered for VAT, in which case VAT will be zero-rated on quoting your VAT registration number.
VAT does not apply to clients outside the EU.

Terms of payment

For individuals, my policy is payment in advance and I only start work on a translation when payment has been received in full.

My standard practice for corporate clients is to request that my first invoice should be paid in advance, while subsequent jobs are payable within 30 days of receipt of the invoice, subject to proof of company status and the provison of credit references.

Methods of payment



Once we have discussed your translation requirements, I will quote you a price in GB pounds or euros and send you a PayPal invoice by email.
Follow the instructions in the email to pay. Once the funds have cleared in my account I will start work and deliver the translation by the agreed date.

For more information see paypal.co.uk

Credit and Debit Cards

You can also pay by credit or debit card. Once your requirements have been finalised and a price quoted, I will send you a PayPal invoice by email. Click the link in the email - you will be taken to the PayPal secure payment site and given the option to pay by credit or debit card.


This option is available for cheques made out in GB pounds. This payment method is only viable for non-urgent work as the funds have to clear in my account before I start your translation.

Corporate clients

Bank transfer, credit card, debit card or PayPal in GB pounds or euros. Alternatively, a cheque made out in GB pounds. Contact me for details.


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